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Pascal et Marie aboard their NEEL 45

Indeed, for the last two years that we have been sailing with KEZEO, our NEEL 45 Racing, in the USA and in the Caribbean zone, every time we enter a new anchorage that is somewhat crowded, screams come out, thumbs up, congratulations rain down, tenders circling around us like hungry seagulls, and dozens of questions are asked about our top or average speed, behaviour in light and heavy weather, safety, comfort at sea and at anchor etc…

As modest ambassadors of French navigational knowledge abroad, we cannot then shirk our responsibilities. We are forced to provide modest and factual answers to calm the game. But here again, these exchanges give rise to admiring whistles, “amazing” love and hearty applause … which prevent us from travelling incognito and overload us somewhat with boat visits and aperitifs.

So of course, beyond this major disadvantage, our NEEL 45 still has some qualities. These are those well known to trimarans, to which we can add the originality of the concept, which still seduces us for its comfort, and the NEEL-TRIMARANS shipyard’s mastery of the essential elements, which in our eyes are the rigidity of the structure and the respect of the weight specifications.

We check this every day:

  • A very gentle passage through the sea which makes sailing comfortable and easy and encourages us to spend time at sea (7000 MN in 7 months the first season).
  • Average speeds that are always very flattering, allowing great mobility over extended ranges, and the choice of the best weather options for long legs.
  • A reduced draught (very appreciable these last few months in the Bahamas) and excellent behaviour at anchor which makes us appreciate the slightest wild anchorage whatever the weather (the months pass without access to any marina thanks to the watermaker and the solar panels which are very well developed today).
  • A great ease of management of the boat when sailing, as a couple or with an even smaller crew, thanks to a well studied sail/deck plan and a well dimensioned deck equipment (for example more than 1200 MN between Havana/Cuba and Annapolis/USA done alone in complete safety in 2017) which makes us appreciate even the close-hauled paces.
  • A comfort to live in that separates the living and technical areas and a very easy maintenance, very appreciable when travelling.
  • And the incomparable pleasure – after having compared many things in our sailing life – of a real sailing experience full of sensations and liveliness … and of the pleasure, barely avowable, of overtaking everyone on the water!

Ah, we’ll leave you to it. Two catamarans, Canadian and American, which we have just “pulverized” at sea two hours ago, are now entering the bay of the Exumas archipelago in which we are anchored. Already the applause is resounding, we still have to go and do the beautiful thing. It’s really painful !!!

PS: You can follow us online on Facebook: “Le voyage de Kezeo“.

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