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Construction 2
Construction 1

An in-depth study

To optimise the structure of NEEL-TRIMARANS, we collaborated with TENSYL with whom we have previously worked on the structure of the racing trimaran TRILOGIC.

TENSYL has made a speciality of the structural design of multi hull racing and cruising composites. Sampling is determined from the most critical cases of offshore loading on the structure, for example catching a wave at high-speed or sailing with the wind on the beam.

The analysis programs transmit relevant information which are compared to nominal values in the specs. Colour displays are particularly instructive in sample determination. The overall research programme aims to define type and quantity of construction materials best suited to each zone in order to eliminate unnecessary weight and apply suitable safety margins to load bearing elements.

Optimized construction

NEEL trimarans are manufactured with materials and techniques best suited to their use, combining strength, rigidity and weight reduction.

  • Hull, floats, bridges and roof are made in vacuum bonded PVC/foam and glass fibre/ isophthalic polyester resin sandwich structural material.
  • The boards are fabricated from honeycomb PVC vacuum bonded with glass fibre/isophthalic polyester resin structural material.
  • Resin is infused through Fibreglass according to a sampling plan determined by finite element structural analysis gained from our experience in the construction of racing craft and offshore cruising. Depending on their role in the structure of the trimaran, the type and number of glass fibers are either unidirectional, bidirectional, 0 ° / 90 ° or bi-directional 45 ° / 45 °, Quadri-directional, TAFTA, roving or twill.
  • Phonic and thermal insulation, along with floatation (unsinkability) are provided by the interior of PVC foam sandwich laminates. This closed-cell foam is perfect for the marine environment being virtually insensitive to moisture. 
  • Rigging and sails are designed and produced by multi hull specialists in La Rochelle. 
  • Interior coverings (linings, floor, upholstery) have all been tested rigorously in oceanic conditions before being selected for your NEEL-TRIMARANS.