NEEL 43 : nominated for two awards 2

NEEL 43 : nominated for two awards

Sail best boat The prestigious American magazine nominates the NEEL 43 in its category for the 2022 Sail Best Boat Award. This year, the jury is composed of sail editors and judges and they will examining the performance and the construction of boats. The winners will be featured in Sail’s January 2022 issue Read European Yacht…
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NEEL 47 Pure edition

NEEL 47 Pure Edition

Aboard your NEEL trimaran, gain in autonomy! NEEL trimarans are high-performance, comfortable and autonomous sailing boats. NEEL-TRIMARANS is launching a limited edition of 10 NEEL 47, the NEEL 47 Pure Edition, whose standard equipment allows total autonomy and therefore absolute freedom! Connect to the natural elements: air, sea and sun, to ensure the smooth running of…
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