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Winning the ARC+ with a NEEL 47 – Steve

On behalf of everyone at NEEL-TRIMARANS, we would like to congratulate you on your victory of the 2021 ARC+! Great job! The whole team is very proud to have built your NEEL 47.

Thank you for following our progress during the ARC+. It feels good to know that the company supports and takes a real interest in their boats once they leave La Rochelle.

Are you happy with the performance of Bigbird, your NEEL 47 that you acquired only a few months ago?

Of course, you all know how well the boat handles itself, but I was extremely impressed with how well she handled surfing down waves and logging a top speed of 22.7 knots during the crossing.

Bigbird was a very popular boat during the rally as it is still rare enough that so many people wanted to check it out. That was also the case all summer in the Mediterranean. We always had people circling the boat in anchorages gawking and taking photos.

What is Bigbird’s program now?

We are working our way up the Windward Islands and will be stopping in Martinique after Christmas. And then, continue the journey through the Bahamas to the United States in March.

Download testimony (pdf)

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