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Our NEEL experience : Matthias and his family

We sailed our boat from La Rochelle to Southampton, and then back through the channel, through the Biscay and are currently in Cape Verde. So far we sailed almost 3000 nautical miles.

To us the most striking feature is the ease with which you can sail a NEEL. You can do all maneuvers single handed, outside on the portside without a problem. The helming is so light and responsive that is just a wonderful experience to sail a NEEL. We have never seen another sailing boat in this size that is so easy and so fun to sail single handed.

On our journey so far, we have experienced all kind of sea states and have always felt very safe aboard. She manages waves with ease, surfing beautifully when the waves come from the aft and cutting through them when they are coming from the front. Because of the wide beam, centered weight and low center of gravity she also copes cross waves safely without any problems.

The NEEL are very fast sailing boats, it’s known. Even as a family we manage to cover a lot of miles in little time with ease. To us however it is not so important whether we do 150nm or 200nm a day. What we appreciate most about our NEEL is that she even sails with very little wind. When most other boats are already under engine, we are still sailing. As we live with two kids aboard, we also enormously appreciate the high quality material that is used inside, which proved to be very resistant.

As we are living full time aboard, it was very important to us that we have a well equilibrated energy concept, and this was installed with a great success. Even during long passages, we are completely energy independent. The boat is very nicely ventilated, with its big sliding door and well situated windows, you always manage to get a breeze through the boat.

Also because you live above the sea, you have a very easy and well accessible plumbing situation.

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