"NEEL-TRIMARANS made me more than happy with this NEEL 47" | NEEL-TRIMARANS



“NEEL-TRIMARANS made me more than happy with this NEEL 47”

” I received my NEEL 47 recently in Guadeloupe . It’s with all my honesty i would  like to give you as a brief feedback and a really really big compliment for this kind of boat. Not only the brilliant sailing skills of this boat also the so called Cockloon®  is fantastic for living . In regards to my former boat a beneteau sense 50 this boat is a different universe . All in NEEL-TRIMARANS made me more than happy with this boat

Thank you very very much 👍👍👍.

But moreover also your agent A&C Yacht Brokers did a perfect job. When I arrived last year with my Sense 50 after passing the Atlantic they sold it within 2 days. All the help they provided to me uncomplicated during purchasing the new boat before and after assisting and helping me in everything with quick and allways reliable action was a great pleasure for me and i would come back to them anytime if I should ever need another boat.

When your company will go on with such people the company neel will have a great future.”


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