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Jurgen aboard his NEEL 45

From that experience, I knew the trimaran was sailing much better:

  • She points in the wind,
  • She’s more comfortable in heavy seas,
  • And she is fast !

I looked at your design and others. I liked your design as it was a real trimaran and a good combination of what I had before (speed) with a loft apartment on top, so the design was fantastic ! I like the idea of having the living quarters up and keeping the real sailing of a trimaran. You know, what is also cool is that she is very simple to sail. Not complicated to get speed. I had non-sailors friends on board, they have been fascinated by the way she sails as they don’t like the heeling of a monohull. They liked the speed, the stability and the way she handles waves.

I also had good sailors on board like 25 years monohull sailors, riggers or people from the industry. Generally, people think that a multihull does not point in the wind. On the NEEL 45, we sail up to 30° from apparent wind and they realized that it is because the sail plan gets a lots of stability as it is on the main hull rather than between hulls like on a catamaran.

I also had very good feedback from women sailing with us. Our woman friends do not like the heeling of a monohull. They are scared of that. They find the NEEL 45 fantastic as she is stable and comfortable. I did 5 000 miles with the boat and with big waves she just goes over the waves and keep the stability”

Download testimonie (pdf)