Weight being centered in the main hull’s technical compartment limits pitching and results in increased boat stability and therefore safety.
This also enhances handling performance and comfort in big seas

On the other hand, catamarans have no choice but to distribute the weights (engines, batteries, generator, tanks) on the ends of their two hulls.





Testimonie Jurgen aboard NEEL 45 :

« …From that experience, I knew the trimaran was sailing much better: – She points in the wind, – She’s more comfortable in heavy seas, – And she is fast ! I looked at NEEL….I like the idea of having the living quarters up and keeping the real sailing of a trimaran. You know, what is also cool is that she is very simple to sail. Not complicated to get speed. I had non-sailors friends on board, they have been fascinated by the way she sails as they don’t like the heeling of a monohull. They liked the speed, the stability and the way she handles waves….on the NEEL 45, we sail up to 30° from apparent wind … »