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A NEEL trimaran, the perfect sailing boat for an unforgettable adventure

“The NEEL 51 is the perfect boat for memorable adventures,” says Paolo, one of the passionate owners.

In early May, Paolo and his crew took on a real challenge: participating in the WORLD ARC, a famous rally (where they sailed from the Caribbean to Australia), and he shares his experience with us. “It was an ideal opportunity to fulfill our dream of circumnavigation with external logistical support, simplifying our life on board and allowing us to fully enjoy local opportunities.”

Before boarding their NEEL 51, they already had a solid experience sailing on monohulls. However, this trimaran (Chica.3) was their first multihull, and they didn’t yet know how much it would exceed their expectations.

When asked, “Can you tell us more about winning in the multihull category and your preparations for participating in this rally?” Paolo humorously responds that the basis for winning is, first and foremost, “good preparation beforehand, which means good food and good wine 😉!” He then quickly reveals that “we mainly had headwinds, where the boat performs best. We had a good navigation strategy in place to avoid areas of light wind. We particularly appreciated the excellent sailing performance as well as the enclosed and dry cockpit, which made the watch hours less tiring.”

"Un trimaran NEEL, le bateau idéal pour une aventure inoubliable"
"Un trimaran NEEL, le bateau idéal pour une aventure inoubliable" 1

Among the most memorable moments, they recall a rough crossing (35 knots of wind, 4-meter waves) from Santa Marta in Colombia to San Blas. They describe this experience by saying, “Those few seconds were the longest of the entire journey. It was only when the vibrations stopped that I was relieved to realize that everything was fine and that the boat was sturdy and well-skippered. We even reached a speed of 25.8 knots!”

For those who are hesitant to embark on the adventure of acquiring a NEEL trimaran, this crew shares their advice: “It all depends on your program. In our case, with long voyages around the world, comfort and safety were a priority.” They also emphasize the importance of having adequate support, stating, “We involved a famous sailor as a project manager to add skills and reduce errors in the learning curve.”

In conclusion, the trimaran offers an exceptional sailing experience, combining comfort, performance, and safety. As Paolo summarizes it : 

The NEEL 51 is much more than a boat. It is a travel companion that makes nautical adventures unforgettable."