December 2019 | NEEL-TRIMARANS



December 2019

Jake and Hollie from USA

Jake and Hollie from USA

"We originally intended to buy a high-end production cat but after seeing a video about the 'NEEL 50' on the web, we decided to investigate a bit before committing ourselves. We traveled to La Rochelle and inspected the '50'. We determined that the boat was too big for us and subsequently began discussions with Eric…
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Yvon rents NEEL in the West Indies 2

Yvon rents NEEL in the West Indies

We left La Rochelle around the 20th November as we needed to be in the Caribbean for Christmas. We made the most of northerly winds from the coast of Corogne with a downwind sail, we took a little less than 48 hours to get there. We knew that the wind would be strong, we had…
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Laurent and Cathy - French Indies

Laurent and Cathy – French Indies

19 November 2015, the reception of our NEEL 45, its name Ti’foufou. It is beautiful with its yellow foresails and lazybag. We immediately appreciate life on board facilitated by the original design of the boat. Fortunately, the weather is pleasant in La Rochelle, which is great for completing the final preparations. 2 December 2015, 1815,…
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