NEEL 51-Episode 4

Serie Epi 4

Safety first !

The three hulls of the NEEL 51 are built with a double bow structural protection.
In case of hurting a floating piece, only the external bow would be involved. Main hull and floats would remain intact.
All NEEL trimarans are studied and built with positive flotation compartments making the vessel unsinkable

NEEL 51-Episode 3

Serie Epi 3


The NEEL 51 “world’s largest cruising trimaran to be infused in on go” has just come off the mold according to the production schedule.
The extreme purity of the hull lines and the aggressiveness of the three inverted bows gives to this new trimaran an unusual personality that will, without a doubt, draw the attention!
Here in the factory the excitement …

NEEL 51-Episode 2

Serie Epi 2 : COCKLOON

Another innovation NEEL Trimarans which offers the advantage of gathering up to 14 guests seated comfortably in a single mixed space (cockpit / saloon), note that this space can also be partitioned at will to make two separated area, an interior saloon and a cockpit.
The cockpit is so large that it is built in two parts, here the laying …