Serie Epi 5

Industrialization, precision and competence enable NEEL Trimarans to respect the exact schedule and launching program of the NEEL 51 which is now produced in series in the new factory at La Rochelle.

In a few figures the NEEL 51 offers extraordinary characteristics:

62m2 size of the roof
107m2 living space and storage.
181 m2 sail area close haul with performance rig
386 …


2016-03-04 - NEEL 51 - 34AVBetrave-neel51

Serie Epi 4

Safety first !

The three hulls of the NEEL 51 are built with a double bow structural protection.
In case of hurting a floating piece, only the external bow would be involved. Main hull and floats would remain intact.
All NEEL trimarans are studied and built with positive flotation compartments making the vessel unsinkable